Booking conditions for rental


Any request for reservation of a furnished rental must be accompanied by the payment of a deposit representing 50% or 30% of the total amount of the stay, as well as the signature of the rental contract in duplicate, one of which is kept by the client. This contract includes the main characteristics of the stay and the conditions of sale. The balance, i.e. 50%, must be paid at least 30 days before the date of arrival, otherwise the reservation will be considered cancelled and the deposit definitively acquired by the agency. For reservations made less than 30 days before the day of departure, full payment of the stay is required.


The dates are indicated on your contract; generally from Saturday to Saturday or Sunday to Sunday: arrival between 4 pm and 7 pm, and departure between 8 am and 10 am. It is up to the owner or his representative to receive the tenants for the arrival formalities. The tenant will have to confirm the time of arrival 48 hours before at least with the agency or the owner, according to the instructions on the stay voucher. On arrival and after 19 hours, the owner is not obliged to let the guests into the rented accommodation. Guests will then have to spend the night in the hotel at their own expense. If the tenant does not show up at the appointed appointment and has not informed the person in charge of reception of the causes of his absence, he will lose all rights to the rental. In this case, the owner or his representative will be able to immediately re-let the property under the best conditions. The appointment of departure must also be specified by the tenants, 48 hours before the actual departure, with the agency or the owner, in order to hand over the keys and make the inventory of fixtures. As a general rule, departures take place before 10 a.m. so as to allow the owner to clean the premises if necessary and check the utensils and equipment: crockery, bedding, household appliances.


The present rental having been granted only on a seasonal basis, the tenant undertakes to leave the premises on the date provided for in the contract, having in addition his domicile indicated as his address in the present contract. The rental may not be extended without the prior agreement of the owner and the agency, the lessee thus accepting it. He will not have the right to sublet.


The rental prices, expressed in Euros, are for the summer period, all charges included: taxes, fees, water charges, electricity, gas, swimming pool maintenance, except for additional costs: household linen, extra cleaning hours and telephone not included. For the winter season, the charges for water, electricity, gas, heating, are to be paid at the end of the stay, with the agency or the owner, on the basis of an actual meter reading or a pre-established fixed price.


A security deposit in the form of a bank imprint is systematically made at the time of booking, the amount is specified in the rental contract.  This will be returned at the latest, 1 month after departure, except if there has been damage, missing objects, damage, or cleaning costs to be retained. If the rental has a telephone, the deposit will also be refunded only after receipt of the statements and payments. The tenant will have to provide a copy of his identity card on arrival to identify the tenant in relation to the signed contract.


The owner is responsible for the quality and quantity of the interior equipment, which must be in relation to the number of persons provided for in the contract and in accordance with the description given at the signature of the contract. For this purpose, an inventory of fixtures is drawn up as soon as you arrive and an internal regulation is communicated to you. These documents are the only references in case of dispute. In case of missing or defective objects or particular problems, please inform our agency within 48 hours after your arrival, no dispute will be accepted after this deadline. At the end of your stay, an inventory check will be made. Any damage or disappearance of equipment noted on the day of departure or afterwards, on the return of the owners, if the inventory of fixtures has been made by the agency, may be charged and deducted from the deposit. Unless otherwise stipulated, bed linen, towels and pool towels are not provided. However, the tenant may, for an additional charge, ask the owner directly to provide bed linen and towels, and may also, under his own responsibility, ask to provide a maid during his stay. It is of course understood that, in the event that the supplies not provided for in the contract are not on site on the day of arrival or that the employee does not show up on the scheduled date, neither the owner, nor the agency, could be held responsible, and the tenant could not claim any compensation. Likewise, in the event of a dispute between the housekeeper and the tenant, the latter will make it his personal business, administratively, financially or morally.


Neither the agency nor the owner can be held responsible for any irregularities and/or lack of enjoyment that may occur in the water, electricity, telephone, etc... services. Likewise, the works, building sites, various events of private origin or public authority cannot be opposed to the agency because they inconvenience the local residents whether or not they are rented through the agency. 


The accommodation will be handed over to the tenant, in a perfect state of cleanliness and the equipment in working order. The tenant will have to have done a basic cleaning at the beginning, namely: wash and put away the dishes completely, clean the kitchen area, remove sheets, covers and pillowcases from the beds, put away the garden furniture, clear away the leftover food and put the rubbish bins in the place provided. If this is not the case or if the state of cleanliness of the house proves to be "unworthy", the owner may charge the tenants extra for overtime, specifying this on the inventory of fixtures on departure and having it paid for on the spot. For a good understanding, report to the agency any small unfortunate gestures you may have had during your stay: breakage, stains, damage to mattresses, blankets, curtains, carpets...


The tenant must behave like a good father and ensure the good maintenance of the premises in accordance with the house rules. The object of the rental must not be inhabited, even for a few days, by a number greater than that provided for in the present contract. In the event of failure to comply with this clause, the owner shall be entitled to demand a rent supplement or to require the departure of the excess number of people. Similarly, it is forbidden to put up tents in the garden, or to park caravans in the garden. Under no circumstances may the tenant introduce an animal (dog, cat, etc.) into the dwelling currently rented without permission. Exceptional events (weddings, receptions) are subject to the prior agreement of the owner. The tenant must absolutely refrain from throwing into the washbasins, bathtubs, bidets, sinks, wash basins, toilets, etc., objects likely to obstruct the drains, failing which, he will be liable for the costs incurred to put these appliances back into service. In this respect, due to the difficulties experienced during the season in obtaining the intervention of staff or a specialised company, the agency declines all responsibility for any delay in carrying out the necessary repairs. The lessee will not be able to claim any reduction in rent, in case urgent repairs incumbent on the owner appear during the rental period. The tenant will be required, before the inventory is taken on departure, to put the furniture and furnishings back in the place they occupied when he entered, otherwise damage costs will be charged to the tenants. The swimming pools may not be emptied without the agreement of the owner or his representative, the tenant must never intervene personally in the machinery of the pools.


The notion of civil liability varies from one country to another, and our agency's liability cannot be engaged as a result of accidents, losses, thefts, fire, water damage, injuries, etc... The tenant will be required to provide the agency or the owner on arrival in the premises, a certificate of civil liability guarantee of the type "occupant stay travel" provided in principle free of charge by his insurance company. Consequently, the owner and the agency decline all responsibility for any recourse that their insurance company could exercise against the tenants, in the event of a claim.


The description of our rentals as well as all the information contained in our various documents and contracts, are provided in good faith on the basis of the indications given by the owners or their representative and engage only their responsibility. The indications relating to the location, nature and installation of the premises are the exact transcription of the information provided by the owner, who certifies that the premises will be in perfect state of installation and cleanliness for the arrival of the tenant. CALYFERIAS cannot be held responsible for any fault of the owner in this respect. The responsibility of the agency cannot also be engaged in the case where modifications affecting the rented place or its environment would not have been brought to its knowledge by the owner at the date of reservation or would intervene between the moment of this one and the entry in the places of the tenant. In the present tenancy, the marketing role of the agency is limited to that of an intermediary between the parties and its responsibility cannot be engaged by the owner or the tenant.


Unfortunately, it may happen that the tenant cannot leave as planned; in this case, your cancellation by telephone must be confirmed to us by e-mail, before the beginning of the stay. Also, in case of cancellation: 30 days or more before the arrival date: 25% of the total amount of the stay will be retained. Between 29 days and 21 days before the date of arrival: 60% of the total amount of the stay including the booking fees. Less than 21 days before the planned date of arrival, the total amount of the stay will be retained including the booking fees (within the limit of the sums already received by the agency). Any stay interrupted or shortened, or any service not consumed, due to the holidaymaker, for any reason whatsoever, will not give rise to any reimbursement.

13) CLAIMS :

Any complaints concerning the rented property must be made within 48 hours of entering the premises, by registered letter, accompanied by proof to be sent to the agency. A report will be drawn up by the agency. After this period, complaints cannot be taken into consideration and will not be reimbursed. In the event of a dispute, the competent court will be that of the district where the rented property is located. For details of lesser importance, we are always there to help you and serve as an intermediary with the owner.